How to Setup a Link Building Campaign

In 2019 we can not hit Top 10 in Google search result if our content doesn't have Backlink.

In the early stage of Search Engine, Yahoo was the dominating player in web searches. Its search engine algorithm was totally dependent on the content of the webpage and number of searches it gets. Here Google enters with a algorithm called Page Rank Algorithm. This has changed the game of search engine. It started to give importance to links, which are connected to others , and the quality of content of webpage.

There is a question. Is link building is still important in 2019 ? The answer is YES.

After 20 years of Page Rank Algorithm backlinks are still most referred way to rank the webpage but it has stricten the linking rule, now it prefers the qulaity of links not the quantity.

In 2019, its time of Quality Backlinks for link signal to rank on search engine like Google which is a dominating player.

What is Link Building

Link Building is a process to add hyperlinks from one webpage to another.

Hyperlinks are used to make navigation easy of a webpage. The serach engine crawler uses these link as a signal point to crawl the web on the internet.

Link building is the hardest part of SEO. There are many techniques which are preferred in Link Building based on difficulty which you are used to regularly.

Before starting the explanation of Link Building Campaign i think we have to understand the Do Follow and No Follow.

By Default all links are Dofollow links untill they are changed to nofollow. It is the HTML rel attribute which distinct the Do Follow backlinks to No Follow backlinks.

Dofollow links allow search engine (like Google and Yahoo) to follow them and reaches to its retargeting location. If the backlinks is do follow, the link can be followed by search engine as well as the human.

No Follow links are the links with a HTML attribute rel="nofollow" applied to it. It is the link which instruct the search engine to not influence the ranking of this particular linked page.

According to Google Nofollw links don't pass any PagRank but it still count the number of Nofollow links in a webpage.

There is a rquiremnt of some ratio of Dofollow and Nofollow to rank better in SERPs.

What is Link Building Campaign ?

A link building campaign is a process of trying to increase the links of our website. It is usually done for a bigger goal including small goals. It will use the categary of website such as product, services, news or blog to acqire these links.

Components of Link Building Campaign

There are a number of elements which are important in setting of link building campaign. Some are necessary and some are helpful for link building.

Finding Target for Link Building

Link building is type of making connection. In any form of marketing we needs links to establish the market.

We have to find the strategy and set the goal sothat plan can be succesfully achieved. We have to ensure that plan of our link building campaign is coincides with the overall goal of our business(business nieche).

For example:

Making a 100 links(connection) have no impact on overall business or traffic if it is unable to carry the leads or traffic.

We have unslderstood earlier that backlink is an important part of ranking in SERPs but it takes sometime to drive traffic on website which will make more customers.

Its not simple that make a backlink today and it will start increasing our search engine ranking tomarrow in this competitive world.

This will become hard to realize that our link building campaign is succesful or not.

That's why it become more important to set a realistic target of link building which is achivable.

Finding Targeting Category (Business Type)

Finding category or Business type is the heart of link building campaign which we will use to gain the links. This works like a hook which realizes people about what it can offer and why they need to link with it. Category may be types of your business which can built interst of others to link with their business.

Example: Product
Social Connection

We always have to choose the business category likethat type of audience we are targeting.

Types of Links Targeting

When we are making strategy for for Link Building , we need to think what types of links we want to get. These are some types of link targeting:

Homepage Page Targeting
Deep Targeting
Brand Name Targeting
Keyword Link Targeting
Within Page Targeting

These links can be used in combination to satisfy our need such as brand link in deep page.

Finding Link Targets

The first thing which we should consider is what types of people to be contacted.

We have to be sure whom we are targeting should be intersted in our nieche of business. If we would start conatcting random people the result will be cold and lead will be zero. This will give a bad reputation of to our website.

To make sure people to make a link with our website we need to work on some hooks which have ability to outreach the goal of both party.

There are some hooks (ideas) which can be worth to our nieche.

Data Visualization
Detailed Content

First we have to give them some value sothat this make feel to link with us.

Finding targeted audience for link

Once we have visualized our hook it wouldnot be tough to find our targeted audience. Its a need to brainstorm these topic we will find easily some subjects which links to our content.

Imagine we owns a resurant chain and we are producing a recipe for " How to make Hyderabadi Biryani ". We would be intersted to be linked with ----

Food Bloggers
Catering Institue
Recipe Website
Food Chain Aggregator like Uber Eats
Star Chefs

Just like that , there are a lot of people which will suited for our backlink. Now we can research in detail how to reach these websites and get a backlink.

Techniques for Finding Link Targets

Here we can use some simple technique to reach the our influecer. We are using the example with "food blogger" to reach the blog writter.

1-Find Lists of Blogger

Simpling type on google list of food bloggers there will be a lots of lists which is the resuls of brainstarming and hardwork for us for free.

Copy these blogggers on excel and make a list

2.Find these blogger on twitter. Here we have to check down the followers and check they have website or not.

3.Advance Search Query Using google advanced search we can filter out the other result and give the preffered result.

3-Finding Contact Details

Once we are sure that blooger is relevant and it is wothin our target we need contact details. We have to check the following places in the website to get contact easily.

About Page
Contact Page
Header and Footer
Press Release

These are the places in website which have details of contact to reach them.

4-Making Priority (Depending on)

Domain Authority
Page Authority
Page Rank
Blogger Influence (Followers)
Probability of Geting linked

Start Contacting




If succeeceded

Tell them what actions to take.

Sharing on social media like twitter Instagram , Pinterst,Tumbler and facebook.
Embedding your name in Infographics
Aceepting Guest blog which relates our nieche.
This is the basic actions which may be happen but it is inclusive to both side.

How to Create Content that Google Want.

Google always prefers and ranks the original contents. A short pointed actionable content has a strong appeal and capability to increase google ranking as well as click.

How to Rank Beyond your Local Point.

If the keyword hits the local SERPs. It is viable to be hit in hyperlocal markets which have similar names which enable them to seek rankings for less competitive keywords.

Keywords and its Importance in SERPs

Words what we type in the Browser is a Keyword. The pages which best suites the keyword for the query is shown at the top of Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).